Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished reacts to Time Magazine’s recent cover story, “The Case Against Summer Vacation”.

Time magazine recently released a cover story entitled “The Case Against School Vacation.” The article states that studies show that kids are losing a significant amount of learning while on school vacation. They need more time at school, and we’re falling behind other countries and learning.

While I understand these points, I don’t think that year-round in-class learning will necessarily solve our learning problems. After all, these are kids that we’re talking about, not machines. So, I personally don’t think that summer vacation should be done away with entirely; maybe it should be shortened a little bit but not eliminated.

School vacation is important for families to spend more time together and for the child to get outside the classroom environment and pursue his or her interests more in-depth. I do believe that summer vacation could be used more productively, say away from the TV screen and spent more time going on educational excursions to, say the science museum or pursuing some academic enrichment tutoring, whether the parent does the tutoring, encourages tutoring or hires someone.

Overall, I believe that summer vacation is a respite from the rigorous academic school year, and kids deserve a break.

Let me know what you think.

I’ll talk to you soon.

What are your reactions to this Time Magazine article? Do you think school summer vacation contributes to learning loss?

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