SAT Physics instructor Stephanie shows you some tips on what to do if you forget the equation on the SAT Physics exam.

What to Do if You Forget the Equation on the SAT Physics Test

1. Answers unit analysis

Our first strategy for remembering the equation that you can’t remember off the top of your head is the unit analysis based on answer choices. You remember that equation for specific heat, something with degrees Celsius and kilograms in it. But then you look at the answer choices, and you realize that every single answer choice has units on it. You now can figure out which variable goes where in order to get the answer.

2. Imagine through it

Our next strategy after looking at the units in the answer choices is something I like to call imagine through it. This is a conceptual test so use your conceptual skills. Does that equation have a mass in it; think through what that would involve. Does this pendulum equation require a length of the pendulum; think about what is involved and what the graph would look like if you needed that in the equation.

3. Freebody diagrams

Our next strategy after you imagine through the problem is to use that extremely powerful concept that you learned right at the beginning of physics Freebody diagrams. This is especially useful for forcing equilibrium equations. You can’t remember that equation; however, once you draw that Freebody diagram, you’ll be able to see how those forces interact with each other.

4. Use your known variables

We are going to do the physicist problem. We’re going to imagine through it using the variables that we do know, known variables. The physicists derive their equations. They do their unit analysis. They imagine through it and use their Freebody diagrams and almost always comes up with the correct answer.

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