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Felipe SAT tutor at Prepped and Polished tutoring and test prep discusses tips and strategies for the SAT Math no calculator section including pacing, format, and formulas you need to learn.

1. Set hard deadlines

This is a very short section of the total SAT. You only have 25 minutes to do 20 questions. So, time is of the essence. Therefore it’s really important that we set hard deadlines. What I mean by that is since you have about 75 seconds per question, and you’re really not getting them in 75 seconds, then it’s really important for you to move on to the next question instead of spending another three minutes on that question because then you’re just losing points that you could have accumulated on the other questions that you could have moved on to.

2. Maximize input

Since this section is organized in a way that the questions progress linearly in terms of their difficulty, the first ten questions are going to be your easy to medium level questions, and then once you hit the grid in questions, the difficulty resets once again, and it progresses from easy to hard once again. So maximizing our input in the first ten questions of the multiple choice and two to three questions in the grid in is going to be the best thing that we can do in this section.

3. Learn variables

The next big tip in this section has to do with the content in this section. It is a very algebra-heavy section. What that means is that you’re going to want to do a lot of simplification before you do any complex arithmetic. So resorting to things like substitution elimination and knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide into combined expressions is going to be very important.

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