On Episode 258 of the Prepped and Polished Podcast, Aaron discusses important SAT math hacks tips and tricks to catapult the student’s math score.

In today’s podcast, we’re gonna be specifically focusing on the calculator section. And one thing that most students do incorrectly with the math calculator section is either under or overutilize their calculator. What we wanna try and do when we’re going through the math calculator section is make the most out of what we see as important aspects of the test that require and/or benefit from using of the calculator.

I really recommend that students use their calculator for two main uses, large-scale computations, AKA, instances where a student could make a calculation error due to the size of the numbers that they’re dealing with, and/or we use them in graphing situations where we can benefit from some of the keystrokes on the calculator to quickly identify either an intersection point or, in some cases, for a student who’s a more visual learner, what the graph looks like in terms of finding the minimum, finding the maximum for parabolas or finding the direction of slope if they’re having difficulty understanding it in different forms.

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about SAT Math Hacks Tips and Tricks to Catapult your Math Score? Do you have any questions for Aaron and Alexis Avila?

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