SAT Instructor Terri K. shows how you to tackle paired multiple choice questions on the SAT Reading Test by following some basic strategies.

Today, the focus is on paired multiple-choice questions on the SAT reading test that tests your command of evidence. Many of my students have been struggling with these paired questions that work together, getting one or the other incorrect. You can avoid that pitfall if you follow some basic strategies.

Strategies to approach the paired multiple-choice question

Here are some specific strategies on how to approach paired multiple-choice questions and remember it’s okay to work on them both at once.

  1. Read the passage actively and underline key facts, dates, etc. This is evidence and you may have already found the evidence you need to answer a question.
  2. Read and find the best answer to the first question. Use textual evidence: FAQ, date, words that an author uses to signal his or her point of view.
  3. Look at the answer choices for the second (evidence) question carefully. Perhaps rereading particular parts of the passage will make something more clear or will draw your attention to a crucial detail that you overlooked.
  4. Revisit your answer to the first question. You may reconsider your answer based on the new information. Remember, the questions must support one another.
  5. Don’t overthink it or second-guess yourself too much.

If you get these strategies for paired multiple choice questions on the SAT reading test under your belt, you will not only improve your command of evidence subscore but also hone critical skills that you will need in college and beyond.

If you have any questions or you want more in-depth tutoring either online or in person, simply email, and we’ll be glad to help you.

Good luck

What was your biggest takeaway from these tips about how to tackle paired Multiple Choice Questions? Do you have any questions for Terri Alexis Avila?

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