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SAT and ACT Instructor Terri of Prepped & Polished, LLC in South Natick, Massachusetts teaches you six similarities and differences between the New SAT and ACT test.

When the new SAT is rolled out in 2016, it will have more in common with the ACT. Both tests have a shared goal of aiming to measure a student’s mastery of the content learned in school to predict college readiness. Both exams are designed to be relevant. In fact, the new SAT is aiming for more real-world applications and analysis from students.  I’ll give you a flavor of the key similarities and differences between ACT and the new SAT.

Some key similarities include:

No points deducted for wrong answers
Both tests allow score choice

Some key differences include:

ACT– Composite score, average score of 4 subsections
New SAT-Composite score, sum of 2 areas (evidence based reading and evidence based writing and language; Math)


Key similarities

In both exams, there are no points deduction for wrong answers. So answer every question, even if you have to guess. There’s no guessing penalty, so you can guess away. Both exams allow score choice. It’s a score reporting feature that gives students the option to choose and report your best scores.

Key differences

In the ACT, most colleges and universities chiefly look at your composite score, the average score of four subject test scores: Math, English, Reading, and Science. The essay provides two additional scores. There’s a writing test subscore to through 12 and a combined English writing score 1 through 36, and it doesn’t affect your composite score.

On the new SAT, the composite score is the sum of only two areas: evidence-based reading and evidence-based writing and language; Math. There’s a score range of 400 and 1600. The SI results are reported separately.

Check out the video for all the differences and similarities between new SAT and the ACT.

What do you think will be the easier test, the New SAT or the ACT? Do you have any questions about the new SAT and ACT?

Post your tips/comments below.

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