The worst nightmare of every student is probably a final test at their school or college, especially when only one week has left. Sure, it causes stress, anxiety and chronic nervousness as a young person cannot calm down even for a minute. However, the main problem is that only very few of them can prepare to the test successfully and quickly. Although one week seems to be a long term and the majority finds that it is enough to get ready for exams, it is much more complicated to cope with this in reality. You will have to review and remember all the materials you have studied per one year. Sometimes students cannot even imagine how much information they have to learn in such quick terms. Then, one week does not look like a period which is enough to deal with everything necessary for a test.

Pay Attention to Your Workplace

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that workplace plays a great role in the whole process of preparation. Unfortunately, many students ignore this point and work in noise or messy places. As a result, they have a low productivity and simply waste their time while learning materials without effectiveness and concentration. You can spend your time for studying with a better use. There are some easy but beneficial ways for making your workplace cozy, tidy and, what is the most important, appropriate for learning in several minutes.

Clean Your Desk

It is a typical situation when young people have an awful mess in their bedrooms and places for studying. There are thousands of papers, notebooks and other things on their desks. It is impossible to find something which you really need quickly. Hence, you will waste hours to get a textbook while preparing for a test. It is better to care about this beforehand and solve this problem with simple cleaning your room and putting all documents in the right order. You should divide your desk into sections and sort out everything.

Make It Quiet

Do not forget that it is important to provide quietness in the place your work. Turn off your phone, music and other distractions. Moreover, you should ask your relatives to avoid disturbing you when you learn things for the test. Hopefully, they will understand such a necessity clearly. Remember that noise may be your worst enemy while studying as it makes you unable to concentrate.

Create a Plan

You should create a certain plan of your studying and, do not ignore it while working. A schedule helps you to prioritize your tasks and cope with them quickly and effectively. In case you study irregularly, it will be hard to finish your preparation and reach some significant skills for your test as well. Thus, you have to set the amount of information you should learn per day. For example, you can pick a number of pages in your textbook which you have to read and note. In this way, you will be able to rest and study without tiredness and stress. Having a plan is the best treatment for the time pressure.

Use Past Tests

It happens that teachers do not give you any examples of questions which will be presented in the test. Hence, you cannot even imagine which kind of tasks you should expect and prepare to. In such a case, it is a good idea to use past tests. The majority of professors do not change the main scheme for years, and you can try to use these materials for preparing to yours. Sure, there may be lots of changes. However, it will let you revise everything one more time and understand the type of questions.

Summarize Information

Do not forget that your task is not just to read something or learn it by heart. The main point is understanding the material clearly. Only in this way you can prepare for the test. Hence, you should make notes while reading and then summarize them. Try to retell things in your own words. If you can do it, it means you will not be confused while writing your test. In case you simply learn everything by heart, you will probably forget the majority of this information soon and lose your chance to pass exams successfully.

Make Specific Cards

One more beneficial idea which can help you to memorize information is making some flash cards. Your task is putting down the most significant points on them. It is a good way to learn formulas or grammatical rules. You can use these cards in order to test yourself or ask someone else for help. It can even be a kind of a game when you have to pick a card and then answer the question written on it. Do not put them into a trash bin after passing your test. You can give them to younger students or use some time later as the material used to be repeated at different exams at college.

Cooperate with Group Mates

If you have some close friends in your group, you can ask them to cooperate and prepare to the test together. You should plan your learning as well. In case you have a partner, things are simpler, as you can explain each other some information and study in the form of a game. For example, it is possible to use cards which were mentioned before. It is a pretty good idea to provide a short quiz and ask questions each other. It is beneficial if you have an oral exam. Furthermore, cooperation with your friend will help you to prevent nervousness and disturbance. You will feel that your buddy is ready to support you.

Take Some Breaks

It is significant to remember about regular breaks while preparing to the test. Your target is the prevention of being exhausted and stressed. It will ruin all your efforts and diligence. When a student is nervous and does not have enough sleep, he will not be able to work productively. Hence, you should follow your daily schedule and try to provide a good rest for your body. For example, you can establish a strict time when you should go to bed and recall about it every time you want to study during the night. Abstain from bad habits. Smoking will never help you to get rid of nervousness before exams.

All in all, it is true that preparation to your test may be complicated and take a lot of time in case you are not aware of these tips and secrets. It is proven by dozens of students that a young person can get ready for an exam for one week without sleepless nights and chronic tiredness. However, you should never postpone your preparation until one day is left to your exam. You will not be able to learn anything in such a short period. Hence, you have to keep in mind all important dates in your head or write them in your diary in order to avoid disappointment.

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