Alexis Avila talks to Pam Willsey therapist, and founder of, a program that offers empowerment programs for teenage girls and their mothers.

Our Guest

Pam Willsey has a Master’s in social work from Boston College. She created Willsey Connections to help mothers and teenage girls better understand themselves and also learn the skills necessary to manage feelings and relationships. She is originally from Eastern Pennsylvania, home of Lafayette College. 

For many years, Pam worked as an oncology social worker at Mass General Hospital. She created The Wellness Community, which offered Innovative programs and services for cancer patients and their families. After work at MGH, she started a family and a private practice, the Willsey Connections, that offers programs and workshops to stop empowering teenage girls and their mothers.

Later on the show, Pam brings on one of her former students, Nicole Brownstein. Nicole is a UVM Psych major, to share her experiences participating in Pam’s Grrrls Connection and Freshman 2.0 College Bound workshops. To learn more about Pam’s amazing work, check out the Boston Business Journal article.

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