On episode 174, Alexis Avila talks to return guest college essay tutor Nived Ravikumar, AKA the Statement Guru. Nived took a pretty unusual path to essay educator extraordinaire.

Our Guest:

Born and raised in Southern California, Nived Ravikumar became obsessed with movies at a young age. In high school, he became so preoccupied with writing screenplays that he went on to major in Film Studies from UCal Santa Barbara and obtain a Masters from Chapman University (M.F.A in Film Production).

Today Nived uses his creative writing talents to help thousands of students all over the world learn to tell unique, engaging college admissions narratives.

Nived’s admissions statement philosophy? Tell a great story! Involve readers! Get them to care! On today’s episode Nived talks about how to use your past history to write great, compelling college essays.

Nived’s advice for teens getting ready for college

Strive to become familiar with yourself and figure out what’s really important to you despite all the noise and distractions.

Listen to my other podcast with Nived Ravikumar The Statement Guru! Episode #130 Best Essay Tips

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