SAT Instructor Terri Karol of Prepped & Polished answers 8 FAQs and one bonus Q and A about the New redesigned SAT in 2016.
1. When will the redesigned SAT be given for the first time?
2. Is the PSAT changing and WHEN will that test be offered?
3. In spring 2016, can students take both the current SAT and the redesigned SAT to determine which score is higher?
4. WHY is College Board making changes to the current SAT?
5. HOW is the SAT changing?
6. HOW will the SAT scores change?
7. How will colleges compare scores on the redesigned SAT to scores on the current SAT?
8. How will the redesigned SAT help colleges to make admission decisions?
9. Will the 2016 exam be harder or easier than the current SAT?

Are you taking the New SAT Test? Any follow up qs about the SAT changes?

Post your tips/comments below.

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