SAT Instructor Terri Karol of Prepped & Polished answers 8 SAT FAQs and one bonus Q and A about the New redesigned SAT in 2016.

SAT is getting a makeover. So, students and families are bound to have many questions. Today, Terri of Prepped & Polished will answer frequently asked questions from students and families about the administration of the exam and examine the when, why, and how of the revised SAT.


Question 1:

When will the redesigned SAT be given for the first time?

Question 2:

Is the PSAT changing and WHEN will that test be offered?

Question 3:

In spring 2016, can students take both the current SAT and the redesigned SAT to determine which score is higher?

Question 4:

WHY is College Board making changes to the current SAT?

Question 5:

HOW is the SAT changing?

Question 6:

HOW will the SAT scores change?

Question 7:

How will colleges compare scores on the redesigned SAT to scores on the current SAT?

Question 8:

How will the redesigned SAT help colleges to make admission decisions?

Bonus Question:

Will the 2016 exam be harder or easier than the current SAT?

Are you taking the New SAT Test? Any follow up qs about the SAT changes?

Post your tips/comments below.

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