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Alexis talks to Mike Berry. Mike’s a speaker and writer of the widely successful blog, Confessions of a Parent, a blog committed to helping overwhelmed parents find hope and humor on the [sometimes] difficult journey of parenting.  In the pre-adoptive phase? Get Mike’s Free video series, Creating your adoption roadmap. Mike’s been married almost 16 years and raises 8 amazing children, all of whom have been adopted. Along with being adoptive parents, Mike has also served as foster parents for 8 years. On today’s episode Mike shares his experiences raising 8 adopted children. You will learn a lot about the adoption process, some of the best ways to raise happy adopted children, and some of the challenges adopted children face today.

Mike’s biggest adoption process obstacle? Not knowing where to begin!

Mike’s biggest adoption myth? Having the hero complex. Adoption is not about rescuing a child, but changing the life of the child!

Mike’s other adoption myth? Thinking you can’t love a child that’s not your own. Don’t underestimate your heart!

Mike’s best advice for managing time and stress when raising 8 children? Have a shared calendar to manage activities, and communicate!

Remember to always work with a credible adoption agency!

Mike’s advice for raising a happy adopted child? Don’t treat him any different than your biological child. See all your children as equal.

Mike’s tips for all teens? Stay calm and be patient in your journey.


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