“As a junior in high school I can tell you about stress. Sure, it’s not heart surgery or rocket science, but with a combination of school work, extra-curriculars and sports, life can make even the calmest student tense up. The SAT’s and ACT’s were the largest source of tension for me, I worried almost constantly about how I was going to do and how that would effect my life. I finally asked my mother if we could look into tutoring, to help me achieve my best on the SAT’s and ACT’s and remove some of the stress. She found Prepped and Polished in a matter of days, and after my first tutoring session, I knew it was the right choice. My tutor was extremely kind and supportive of my endeavors, he never made me feel guilty about a rough grade or a less than stellar piece of homework. He helped to build my confidence about taking the test and school in general, which in turn boosted my grades in school. I saw a great improvement in my test scores and felt, for the first time ever, really knowledgeable at the end of the SAT and ACT. I cannot thank Prepped and Polished enough for aiding me in my quest for better scores and also improving upon my attitude. I have already started recommending the business to friends and relatives, and only wish the best to the people of Prepped and Polished in the future.”