On today’s Tutoring Tips Episode, Alexis talks about one of the trickiest sections on the SSAT exam and tip for mastering SSAT analogies.

The trickiest section on the Secondary School Admission Test has got to be the analogy section. Still, with some help learning some tips and strategies, you can easily make the analogies section your best section.

Here’s the master strategy to doing really well on these analogies questions. Now, you want to find a bridge between the two stem words by creating a sentence that is concise and meaningful, that defines one word in terms of the other, similar to a dictionary definition, and that is illustrated and visual.

So remember, if you nail the bridge, the connection between the two stem words, you’ll almost always be able to narrow in on the right answer. So work on your bridges, and I guarantee you’ll be successful on SSAT analogies questions.

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