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Tutor Aniela of Prepped and Polished teaches you how to make better use of quizlet for school.

Today, we are going to talk about how to master Quizlet and use it so it works for you.

1. Keep up with the material

Step one in mastering Quizlet is to keep up with the material throughout a unit. Instead of creating Quizlet the night before the test and having an enormous amount of information that you’re overwhelmed with to create your quiz list, if you just do two or three note cards per night throughout the course of the unit, by the time you get to the period of studying, you’re gonna be already ready and set to go.

2. Condensing the information

Step two in mastering Quizlet is going to be condensing the information. Try to keep your bullet points to a minimum. No more than five bullet points per note card is ideal because if you have too much information on a single note card, you will not be able to retain it.

3. Make the note card makes the sense to you

The last step to mastering Quizlet is to make sure that the note card makes sense to you. You want to take your notes, your worksheets, and your reading and put them not word-for-word on the note card but into your own words so that they make sense to you and in the context of the unit. If it’s in your own words, you’re more likely to retain it, and you’re more likely to be able to understand the information.

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Published On: November 28th, 2017By Categories: Test Prep, Test Preparation Tips, TipsTags: , ,

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