In Massachusetts, we lead the way for the rest of the country in academic standards, practices, and policies. As the home of the nation’s first statewide standardized test: the MCAS, Baystate students have some familiarity with the concept of high stakes exams. Even with this first-hand experience, local students still experience an understandable level of anxiety surrounding the SAT. The SAT was created to assign a numeric value to your child’s overall preparedness for college. While factors that your child has been working hard at throughout their academic career like a well-maintained GPA, commitment to sports, and participation in extracurriculars add value to college applications, scores on standardized tests like the SAT often serve as deciding element between two similarly qualified candidates. That is in part due to the accuracy of the test. The standardization ensures that the test, the conditions in which it is administered, and the scoring process is consistent no matter where it is taken. At Prepped and Polished, our team of elite Massachusetts SAT tutors afford your student the confidence of having the professional edge on the test with one-on-one review targeted at their specific needs, simulated exams, and personalized test taking tips. Your student will also gain 24/7 access to our arsenal of online resources to sharpen their skills whenever is they choose (or you insist).

The SAT is most likely the highest stakes test your Massachusetts student has taken in their academic career so far. While the MCAS requires a comparable level of endurance, the stakes of the SAT are considerably higher. The SAT presents an opportunity for students with spotted transcripts and general under-performers. A high score is undeniable proof to college admissions officers that your child has a high potential for post high-school academic success. Students with already strong applications can use the test to stand out from other candidates at their reach schools. Despite the gravity of the test, your student will be relived to discover that simply learning how to take the test can have a significant positive impact on their final score. At Prepped and Polished, our Massachusetts SAT tutors familiarize your student with every aspect of the test to create the confidence needed to facilitate optimum performance.

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Waking up early on a Saturday, going to a school they may or may not attend, and being surrounded by unfamiliar faces can make the entire experience of taking the SAT can feel foreign to students in Massachusetts. Elements of the test like lengthy directions, strict time limits, and complicated scoring procedures present themselves as additional obstacles in-between your student and their personal best score. At Prepped and Polished, our Massachusetts SAT prep tutors use their years of professional experience, academic accolades (many with Masters’ or Doctorate degrees), and personal insight to provide your student with ‘secrets’ of the test like: what items to bring, how to dress, and even meal suggestions. To address the anxiety around the parameters of the test we familiarize our students with the SAT first hand by administering simulated exams and other exercises. You child will be able to use their full allotted time to work on the test instead of rereading directions. Practice with time limits will allow your student to employ effective time management. When your student encounters an especially difficult problem they’ll know whether to guess or skip it based on what they learned about the scoring procedure. Afford your child the advantage of their personal best SAT score. Call our team of Massachusetts SAT prep tutors at (781) 753 9951 or leave a message on our contact page to discover for yourself what makes Prepped and Polished the best SAT tutoring company in Natick, Newton, Sudbury, Wellesley and throughout the region. 

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