With schools like MIT and Harvard in our backyard, it’s no secret that residents of Massachusetts take college seriously. This commitment to academics is often a cause of anxiety for high school students in the Bay State who are building college resumes. Though your student may have worked diligently throughout their high school career to maintain a quality GPA, participate in extracurriculars, and even contribute their effort to community service, scores on standardized tests like the ACT are often the factor that makes an application stand out on or fall through the of the admissions officer’s desk. At Prepped and Polished we provide your student with the professional edge on the exam with tailored one-on-one ACT tutoring, practice exams, personal insights, test taking strategies, and 24/7 access to our array of online tools. We can fit into your family’s busy schedule with sessions in our conveniently located facilities as well as virtual meetings. The Prepped and Polished system provides your student with the skills and confidence needed to achieve their personal best score.

Though the ACT can bear a significant impact on your child’s academic and professional life, many students are often relived to discover that a large factor achieving their optimum score is simply knowing how to take the test. Our expert team of Massachusetts ACT prep tutors familiarize your student with the parameters of the test through simulated exams and other first-hand exercises. On test day, your student will be able to spend time they would have spent rereading directions on the test itself. They will be able to effectively manage their time with the first-hand experience they gained during our simulated exams. When your student approaches a particularly challenging problem, their understanding of how the test is scored will allow them to guess or skip with confidence. Families continue to sign up younger siblings and recommend Prepped and Polished to friends for our top-rated staff, proven techniques, and professional experience.

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At Prepped and Polished our team of Massachusetts ACT prep tutors bring their years of professional success, academic accolades (many with Masters’ and Doctorate degrees), and personal insights to every session. Our tutors take the stress out of your students test by sharing ‘secrets’ of the exam process. Often forgotten factors like how to dress, meal preparation, and what to bring are revealed. With these extra tips, your student will walk into the examination room on test day ready for peak performance – with a clear mind and rested body. Give your student the one-on-one attention they need to achieve their optimum score on the ACT. Discover for yourself why Prepped and Polished is considered the best SAT Tutoring company in Natick, Newton, Sudbury, Wellesley and throughout the region. Call us at (781) 753 9951 or leave a message on our contact page to get started today.

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