On episode 168, Alexis Avila speaks to teen mentor Mark Altman Founder of Mindset Go, a company that empowers students to find their voice to become the best versions of themselves and actualize their potential. He started a company in 2001 that worked with government utilities and then sold that company in 2011, fulfilling an obligation for two years to that company and then, in 2014, started up Mindset Go.

Mark also wrote the curriculum and teaches the Parenting your Teen: Communication for Life workshops that help parents and teens better talk and listen to each other so they can strengthen their relationships.

Marks’ belief? That growth mindset is the top contributor to personal and professional success and happiness.

On today’s episode Mark talks about how he empowers students to become more confident and effective communicators.

Marks advice for teens: It is never too early to improve your skills (especially your communication skills) and improve your resume.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about helping teens build positive mindsets? Do you have any questions for Mark Altman and Alexis Avila?

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