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Today on episode 142, I’m talking to Marc Hoberman, Founder and Director of Grade Success Inc. Marc is a Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Consultant, and author and has trained students, teachers, and corporate executives nationally through a variety of Personal Improvement and Training Methods. As a freelance writer for NY Parents Metro Magazine,  Marc has shared his wealth of educational expertise with thousands of parents each year. From the classroom to the boardroom, Marc continues his mission to “help people realize their full potential.”

On today’s episode, Marc gives us his best tips for how students can thrive at school and become better students.

Marc’s studying tips

Study for 20 minutes at one time, then take a 5 minute break away from study area, then go back and review same material for 20 minutes to best retain material.

Marc’s study tip no no’s

Don’t cram and don’t lie in bed while studying.

Marc’s best ways to get an “A”

  1. be in tune with your teacher (go office hours and seek extra credit).
  2. form a study group with other smart students who you can learn from.
  3. do the best you can.

Marc’s advice for teens

You are who your friends are. If you are emailing people who are not nice then you need to move away from that. And set a goal and ask yourself what you are going to do for the next ten years to achieve your goal.

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about How to Become a Better Student? Do you have any questions for Marc Hoberman and Alexis Avila?

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