Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished, LLC gives you four SAT chemistry topics that you’ll want to make flashcards for.

Make flashcards for these for SAT chemistry topics

1. Descriptive Chemistry

Topic one is descriptive chemistry. You’re going to need to know some common characteristics for common elements from at least the first three periods and then heavier elements like gold and lead. For these elements, you’ll need to know things like state, color, reactivity, and common uses. On one side, you want to write the element, and on the other side, some of these descriptive states like state, color, reactivity.

2. Solubility Rules

Topic 2 is the solubility rules. These are so essential that we’ve given them their own category. On the front, write your rule, and on the back, you can write your exceptions.

3. Functional Groups

Topic 3 is your functional groups from organic chemistry. This includes your amines, amines, and alcohols. Write or draw the structure on the front of the flash card, and on the back, you’re going to write the name, and then you’re going to write any common reactions that you’ve studied.

4. Formulas Trends

The fourth topic we’re going to cover is formulas and trends. Formulas are really important to memorize because you won’t have them on test day. So when we take a formula, we’re going to write the formula on the front of the flash card, and on the back, we’re going to write its name and something about when to use it or something that explains the symbols that are used inside of it.

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