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On episode 136, Alexis Avila talks to teen expert Louise Palanker an LA-based writer/producer/performer/film-maker/author and host of Journals,a podcast and itunes app where she fields questions from teens about growing up and allows kids to connect safely with one another. With her Journals community, Teens and tweens all over the world are joining the conversation, creating their own profiles and collectively building a safe space to read, write, learn, share, encourage, interact and give and get advice. On today’s episode, Louise talks about the problems teens face today and shares some of the creative ways she helps teens thrive in today’s society.

Louise’s advice for parents

Don’t judge so much. Give teens a chance to fail a little bit, and become the person they can go to to talk if things aren’t going so well.

Louise’s advice for teens

Go for your dreams and dream big, but be realistic.

Louise’s words of wisdom

Continue to work on your skill sets, work on becoming an interesting person (because interesting people gravitate toward each other) and work on becoming a good listener. Do these things, and life opens up for the better.

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