“Over the past six month, Adam has worked with our eleven year old, Benjamin, who needed both ISEE test prep and executive functioning tutoring.  Being a montessori kid, who hadn’t seen a standardized test in his life, and one with some anxiety and a deep lack of organizational skills, Adam was handed quite a challenge.  But, he approached Ben with humor and confidence, immediately putting him at ease, and opening him up to get out of his comfort zone and absorb new skills, materials, and processes.  As a result, Ben did well on the ISEE, and is far better able to manage his own portfolio as his homework load begins to increase in the on ramp to middle school.  Adam continues to push Ben just a little bit more every session, but brings a little fun into each, and Ben’s anxiety level of entering the heavier expectation world of middle school is much eased knowing Adam will be a resource at his side.”