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On episode 120, Alexis Avila talks to Dr. Karyn Koven, founder of Language Bird, a company that offers customized, efficient foreign-language training.

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Dr. Koven earned her undergrad from University of Wisconsin-Madison and doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCLA. Karynhas nearly two decades of administrating, counseling, and teaching in high school settings, has visited over 100 colleges domestically and internationally, and has helped thousands of students get admitted to the top universities in the world. The goal for her company Language Bird is for students to have high quality, personalized, standards-based, college-preparatory foreign language classes anywhere -even out of their own home.

On today’s show Karyn talks about how she came up with the idea of Language Bird after successfully consulting with thousands of college applicants. You will learn why learning a second language is important, and learn key tips on how to master a new language.

Did you know? that with language bird, you can earn college credits?

Did you know? that Karynspeaks Spanish and some Hebrew

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Karyn’s tips for mastering a new language

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (do what babies do!).
  • Use a post it technique and post spanish words next to items around your house.
  • Listen to music and tv in the other language.

Karyn’s words of wisdom for teens: Learn to be a good communicator and listener, don’t burn bridges, and help people you come in contact with.

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