On today’s show Julie aka Dean Julie talks about how helicopter parenting has influenced today’s children and gives us her best tips on how to avoid the overparenting trap

What you will learn includes:

  1. There has been a decrease in students who really know how to be an adult and fend for themselves 2.
  2. How parents should introduce their kids to many different colleges
  3. Studies have come out that shows that kids who are overparented are suffering from greater anxiety and greater depression
  4. Some or most parents who overparent do so because they are frightened of the world out there and media exacerbates this fear.
  5. Success and meaning really comes from within
  6. Parents and students need to follow their own path and not look over their shoulder all the time
  7. That good parenting is gives their children freedom to grow, develop, and think for themselves, prepare them for hard work, and normalize struggle.
  8. The best parenting style is Authoritative, which is highly demanding but also highly responsive. Poorer parenting styles include: Authoritarian, Permissive/Indulgent, and Negligent

Three ways to stop overparenting?

  1. Stop saying “we” when parents really mean to say “son” or “daughter”
  2. Stop arguing with adults in our lives on our kids behalfs.
  3. Stop doing homework for them.

Take home tip for teens entering young adulthood:

Your own voice needs to be the strongest voice you hear.

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