Alexis Avila talks host of The Prepped & Polished podcast talks to Joani Geltman.
Joani has over 30 years of experience working with parents, children, schools, and community groups. She is a clinician, parenting coach, college professor, and public speaker. Joani is author of A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens.

On today’s podcast, Joani talks about the struggles today’s teens face, the struggles todays parents of teens face, and gives us helpful techniques to better our relationships with teens.

Key takeaways:
Laughter is an important part of parenting, so don’t make every mistake a kid make an indictment of their character! There are no bad parents, because typically all parents want to have a great relationship with their kids.

Keys to effective parenting:
Use “I get it” moments. For example, instead of getting angry at your teen for coming home late, reframe and say something like “I get it, you love being out with your frineds, what can we do differently to get you home on time?”

Parenting teens is all about strategic planning.

Key advice to counter bullying:
Have your teen BLOCK the bully on facebook, instagram, etc.

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