Alexis Avila talks to Joan Casey, Founder of Educational Advocates College Consulting. Joan has a Masters Degree from Harvard, is a CEP (Certified Educational Planner), and has visited and experienced more than 300 college campuses world wide.
On today’s episode Joan talks about the many kinds of opportunities available in college and what leads to positive outcomes by the end of college.

Key takeaways:

  1. Kids don’t always pick a college for the right reasons and don’t talk enough about the types of opportunities a college offers.
  2. Take advantage of extracurricular activities on campus. Kids who do this typically thrive while at college
  3. Consider joining a research project with a professor in a field of interest.
  4. Binge drinking is more of a problem. In fact, the fastest growth of binge drinkers is college-age woman. If you want to thrive in college, party responsibly!
  5. Advising and mentoring on campus is really important, so make sure college have good mentoring support.

Advice for college-bound students: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you first walk on campus, and get involved and join in on activities.

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