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On episode #114, Alexis Avila brings back Joan Casey, Founder of Educational Advocates College Consulting. Joan first appeared on the P&P podcast on episode #82 when she talked about how college students can thrive in college. Joan has a Masters Degree from Harvard, is a CEP (Certified Educational Planner), and has visited and experienced more than 300 college campuses world-wide. On today’s episode Joan gives us tips on how not to get so overwhelmed by the college athletic recruiting process.

Some of the many pieces you will need for a college athletic recruiting process include: Athletic resume, coach letter, attend a NCAA clearing house (Div 1 and 2), get a film together, constant contact w coaches, keep a minimum GPA and test scores

Key tip for Students

Really ask yourself do you want to play sports in college bc it’s a sacrifice! You may not be able to travel abroad for example if you’re playing three seasons per year.

Words of wisdom for aspiring college athletes

Make sure the college you’re looking at is a place where you want to be even if you don’t end up play there.

Advice for parents

Make sure playing sports in colleges what the student truly wants to do. Don’t decide for them!

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