Alexis talks to Jackie Stachel a senior executive function coach of Beyond Booksmart, a quality academic coaching company that helps students learn valuable executive function skills. 

On today’s episode Jackie shares some of the struggles students face with Executive Function issues. She also enlightens us with strategies for those wanting to overcome their executive function challenges.

She even shares an amazing app that you can download if you’re easily distracted, so you can get things done.

Our Guest:

Jackie Stachel is a senior executive function coach of Beyond Booksmart. Jackie earned her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University. She started out as a speech-language pathologist, working at Needham High School for about five years.

Jackie worked with students on everything from social skills to speech fluency in a lot of different areas that fell under the purview of speech and language. She found that over time, helping students learn self-management and skills of executive function skills was really the most fulfilling aspect of what she did. So eventually, she started working part-time as a coach for Beyond Booksmart and then made the leap to becoming full-time with them.

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