ISEE Sentence Completions – Find the Links to Solve!

Today I’m going to tell you about three common links: contrasting, supporting, and cause/effect. When you see them on sentence completions, make sure that you underline or highlight them. It makes it much easier to solve a sentence completion.

Contrasting Links

Common contrasting links are but, yet, instead of, despite, although, even though, however, nonetheless, not, on the contrary, rather, and yet. It doesn’t hurt to memorize those to be familiar with them.

Cause/Effect Links

Cause and effect means that one thing happens and then something else happens. Some common cause/effect links that you should know are because, consequently, if, therefore, since accordingly, for, in order to, so, and thus. Those are the ones most frequently used.

Supporting Links

Common supporting links that are used in sentence completion sentences are very helpful, so you should pay attention. Some common supporting links are and, thus, as well as, and also. These three punctuation marks are magical, semi-colon, comma, and colon. The words that come after them in a sentence completion question define what should be in the blank.

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