Alexis Avila, Founder/CEO of Prepped and Polished covers the ISEE exam structure and helps you determine which level to take.

ISEE exam structure

The ISEE is for students who are trying to get access into independent schools similar to that of the SSAT. There are several different categories of the test depending on if you’re in the primary level, lower level, middle level, and upper level. Each level depends on the grade that the student is entering into. The primary level ISEE is for any student entering grades 2 through 4, lower level ISEE is for students entering grades 5 through 6, the middle level ISEE is for students entering grades 7 through 8, and the upper level ISEE is for students entering grades 9 through 12.

An important thing to keep in mind within each of these sections whether it’s the primary, lower level, middle level or upper level is that the test does not actually have a guessing penalty unlike that of the SSAT.

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