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Alexis Avila of Prepped and Polished gives you tips on how to prep low motivation type students for the SAT.

Low motivation students tend to look at the SAT as boring. They are not interested; they’re lethargic about the situation, ambivalent about the situation, and depressed about the situation. It’s up to you, the tutor, or the parent to prepare for the SAT and do your best.

You want to consider a one-to-one tutoring approach versus a group lecture-based approach. The lecture-based approach will just kind of it will take you off your game. But, with a one-on-one approach, you’ll be held more accountable. So consider a one-to-one tutor or just maybe work with your older brother or go to a high school to find a tutor or a peer who’s aced the SAT.

How to Prep Low Motivation Type Students for the SAT

  1. Set expectations and make prep exciting
  2. Work on metacognition
  3. Learn to take productive breaks

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