On this tutoring tips episode of The Prepped and Polished Podcast, SAT Instructor Anooj shows you how to ace your SAT Subject Test in Chemistry. Anooj scored an 800 on the SAT Chemistry Subject test, so pay close attention to his tips!

How to get an 800 on the SAT Chemistry

How to study

You want to get your hands on a Barron’s or Princeton Review test prep book and start going through it. Just focus on those content areas that are giving you the most trouble. Then, start immediately doing practice problems.

Next, practice tests. You want to start taking practice tests three weeks before the day of your exam. Start using the College Board exams about a week or two weeks before. Now, when taking these practice tests, make sure you mark all the questions you’re getting wrong and build flashcards. With these flashcards, you want to review them at least once a day, every day leading up to the day of your exam.


Tip number two deals with formulas. Here’s a cool little tip that I did for the 800 on my SAT Chemistry. I got a sheet of paper, and I just wrote down every single equation that could possibly be tested on the SAT chemistry exam. I started thinking about the relationships between these different variables and these different things. The test wants to see how well you know these relationships and how quickly you can do them, and speed is important, so we get these formulas down like that and give it a solid theme really quickly.


Tip number three is pretty basic. It’s memorizing facts. The SAT II Chemistry exam tests facts all the time. Some of these include, “What color does barium glow when it’s burned over our various flame test colors?” Solubility rules, or intermolecular forces. You just wanna memorize them in order to figure out what’s soluble and what’s not. There’s no way around it besides just memorizing them.

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