On this tutoring tips episode #109, AP Instructor Anooj shows you how to get a 5 on the AP calculus exams. Anooj got a 5 on his AP Calculus exams, so pay close attention to these tips!


Get a Barron’s or Princeton Review prep book and go through the review books and all those boxes with theorems on them. Start jotting them down. Make flashcards and make notes. Get a really rough idea of how they work. Next, what you want to do is explain these theorems as if you’re explaining a brand-new concept to someone else. The goal here is to get a rough idea of how the theorems work and the basic concepts behind them. When you explain these theorems, be as descriptive as possible.


This is a math exam. So, there’s not that much memorizing involved. It’s a lot of concepts and your ability to solve math problems, but there are a few things that you should memorize, just to give you a little bit more speed on the multiple choice especially and allow you to spend more time on the more difficult problems. It’s going to give you a little bit of an edge and make you a little bit more confident when you’re going through the exam.

Past AP exams

On the College Board website, there are past AP exams from almost every single year. Start up the later years and work your way up to the recent years. When you do these P-response questions, you want to solve the problems as completely as possible and start doing those problems that you think are testing concepts you’re not strong on. When you get stuck, start looking at the sample responses. By looking at these sample responses after you solve the problem, you’ll be able to sort of develop a habit in a sense of what a good answer looks like.

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