SSAT Instructor Terri shows you how to recognize and approach specific or detailed questions on the SSAT reading section.

How to approach detail or specific questions

  • Skim when you’re looking for answers to specific questions. Remember, don’t read every word. You have already done that when you read the passage the first time.
  • You want to use elimination or ruling out. You want to cross out incorrect answers that are obvious right away; it really helps to narrow down your choices.
  • Think of it as a treasure hunt. You’re a detective finding clues to solve a case back in the passage.
  • You should be able to locate and underline the correct answer restated or paraphrased in the passage. If you can’t do that, then
    you haven’t found the answer yet, keep looking.
  • You definitely want to use line or paragraph references to help you locate relevant information. Remember that you’ll need the context around those lines for the right answer; you have to read more of the paragraph to get the right answer.

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