When it comes to preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT, how you manage your homework time will be key for success. Whether you see a tutor each week, or study on your own, you’ll want to manage your homework time wisely. Here are my tips.

How we Structure Sessions

Now, typically, how we like to structure our sessions at Prepped & Polished is based on the amount of time we spend in session. It’s going to be equal to about the same amount of time out of session for homework. So my recommendation for most students would be if we’re spending an hour in session going over stuff or two hours going over stuff, more than likely they’re going to spend an hour or two respectively on the homework that we are assigning.

Now it’s best when we’re thinking about structuring the homework is organizing the time in which the student is going to complete the homework between sessions so that we can avoid something where a student’s either completing the homework the day before the session, all the homework or in worst case scenario, right before the session with the tutor.

The reason why we try and avoid this is we want to make sure that the students are able to internalize a lot of this material, and cramming it all right before the session isn’t going to allow them to consider thoughtfully and critically how they approach the homework for each session. So, we are going to do a combination of homework, consisting of small assignments that can be completed, bit by bit, in anticipation of the session and larger assignments that should be planned out well beforehand, such as time sections so that a student can figure out how much time the homework is and how much time they have in front of them.

Drills to structure the course

Now, typically, certain drills from our binder or from supplemental online material we can structure that over the course of the week to do bit by bit. Ten minutes here, 15 minutes there, a review over there here for 5, 10 minutes, or something like that so that the student is able to make that habitual process and practice for that content.

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