In this vlog, Alexis Avila of Prepped & Polished talks about how college read your SAT and ACT scores.

Notes: We will look at how schools can read them, not the explicit step-by-step analysis of the reports, and how schools can determine if they’re going to accept you or not.

The first thing you want to think about when you’re looking at the schools and colleges that you are applying to is whether they require the test or if they are test optional. If the schools test optional, they might say you are more than welcome to send in your scores, but you don’t have to. Now, other schools require the ACT or the SAT. So consider that when you’re applying to a school. Also, check to see if they require a test because if they don’t, you might not necessarily have to take it. However, if you find yourself to be a really good and strong test taker, it might be to your advantage to do so.

Another thing to consider is whether they accept one score or multiple scores. Again, some colleges will read the ACT and just look at one score individually, and that’s it. Other schools will accept multiple scores, and sometimes, they like to see a trend.

What is your biggest takeaway from this vlog about How Colleges Read Your SAT and ACT Scores? Do you have any questions for Alexis?

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