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On episode 223, Alexis Avila talks to Gil Gibori Founder of the House Tutoring Lounge.

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Gil Gibori has degrees from Emory and Northwestern and has decades of experience as a private tutor. He is CEO and Founder of The House, the world’s first Tutoring Lounge specifically designed for today’s student. The method behind The House Tutoring Lounge is to offer a space that is parent-free for students, an oasis where teenagers can work, study and socialize together, while also having on-demand tutors at their service whenever they need. On today’s episode, Gil talks about the anxiety both students and parents face today and has some ideas on how to overcome some of the stressors teens face today.

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Gil’s advice for teens getting ready for college

Chill the heck out. Find a college that makes you happy. Don’t go for Gold, go for the right fit. And chill your parents out. You’re going to be fine. And try to graduate without loans!

To work with Gil Gibori, go to The House Tutoring Lounge

What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about Creating Positive Environments for Teens to Thrive? Do you have any questions for Gil Gibori and Alexis Avila?

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