Alexis Avila of The Prepped & Polished Podcast lists five common email mistakes.

Five common email mistakes you definitely want to avoid

Email rules the modern age, and for many, it’s all too easy to make mistakes when writing in a hurry. So keep an eye out for these five common errors, and you’ll have great emails every time.

Always say hello

A lot of people don’t say hello. Emails should always have a greeting and a closing. Writing an email without a proper introduction looks rushed.

Fix your typos

Most email providers automatically spell-check your writing, but you’ll still need to go back and make the corrections and here’s a little

Forget capslock

Capslock can be tempting to use. All capital letters to get your point across but words or sentences in all caps can be misread as
aggressive or even shouting.

Keep it short

It’s best to keep emails brief. You don’t want your recipient to get bogged down by your lengthy pro, so keep the email short.

Don’t forget the subject line

When the recipients see no subject, they immediately think it’s spam. So Personalize your subject line so it’s very clear what you’re writing about.


Make sure that you always say hello, fix your typos, forget about those cap locks, keep your email short, and don’t forget the subject line.

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