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On today’s Tutoring Tips show, guest host, Todd Weaver of talks about how you can appeal a financial aid award letter in order to get more help to pay for college tuition. More information about Unleash Your Presence can be found on the web:

Appeal your Financial Aid Award

How would you like to save an additional ten thousand dollars off the cost of college? Well, I just helped a family do that by teaching them how to ask the college for more scholarship funding. Their student was admitted to her top choice, albeit with a scholarship that was below the typical award that this college had been giving in recent years. So what I did was I helped the family research the historical scholarship parameters in several different guidebooks and forms. In doing so, we discovered that the college was under-awarding the students.

So when we did that, we knew right away there must be some more aid available. So, what I did was I coached the family on putting together an appeal letter to ask for reconsideration of the initial award by putting forth their story. The family wrote about their daughter’s passion for college and also mentioned the fact that her grades and exceptional test scores put her at the high end of the cohort of admitted students. I had the family ask for reconsideration of her scholarship through this nice formal appeal letter in their own voice. Within a few days, we heard the great news that an additional twenty-five hundred dollars per year was granted. Needless to say, it really paid off for this family to write an appropriate appeal letter.

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