For many students, the most challenging aspect of tests, project and other schoolwork is not the curriculum content but the way in which they approach it. Executive function skills like motivation, organization and emotion management can play a critical role in your child’s ability to reach their academic potential. At Prepped and Polished we help local students improve their performance in the classroom and beyond through a series of one-on-one sessions with an executive functioning coach in Wellesley.  Our program is designed to equip your child with a versatile toolbox of proven techniques that can be applied to their studies as well as extracurricular endeavors.

Raving Reviews

We take great pride in positive feedback from students and their families who have relied on us when they need an executive functioning coach in Wellesley and other nearby towns. Laura C. describes our personalized approach and transparent communication in her 5-star Google review. “Jackie was the best for my son!  She was able to identify strengths and weaknesses along with providing the guidance and support he needed!  The weekly session reports were an excellent resource and my son was able to reach his goal!  Thank you!”

On Yelp, Judi C. elaborates on our process and the impact it made on her daughter, “When our 6th grade daughter was struggling with executive function and organizational skills, I turned to Alexis for help. Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy, detailed discussion of my daughter’s strengths and challenges. He reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of our family’s goal. Fast forward to the present: our daughter is a sophomore in high school who manages her homework with complete independence; no intervention from us. She is an honor roll student and has found a passion in mathematics and science.”

Customized Executive Function Coaching in Wellesley

There are no one-size-fits-all style solutions to instill effective executive function skills. We customize every facet our service to meet the specific needs of your child. The first step in our process is selecting an executive functioning coach in Wellesley who is compatible with your child’s unique personality and can cater to their specific learning style. From there, we collaborate with you and your child to identify challenges they face and develop a systematic coaching program that enables them to address them. Along the way, they will pick up study habits, time management methods and a host of other valuable skills that last a lifetime.

At Prepped and Polished, we recognize that complications like tight schedules and transportation conflicts can place a barrier between students and the help they need. We offer a variety of flexible attendance options to overcome these logistical hurdles. Your child can meet with their executive functioning coach in Wellesley at our local office as well as our Sudbury and Newton locations. Our coaches can also travel to your home in or near Wellesley. We even offer completely remote sessions facilitated through the use of face-to-face video conferencing and real time screensharing software. Your child will have access to our on-demand library of digital resources like video lessons, podcasts, and worksheets as well.


“Thank you very much for the service you provide! It really is greatly appreciated. Our daughter returned from her… session feeling more confident and in control… Every part of this experience has been handled professionally and, in my mind, appropriately! I would not hesitate to use Prepped and Polished again.”
Lorraine H. (Wayland, MA)

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