Is your child bright but struggling to reach their full potential in school? The content being covered may not be to blame. Whether they know it or not, underdeveloped executive function skills like organization, time management and motivation could be the source of this frustrating circumstance. Fortunately, help is available to instill effective strategies to overcome these obstacles.  At Prepped and Polished, we help local students accel in the classroom and every other facet of their lives through a personalized series of one-on-one sessions with an experienced executive functioning coach in Natick. Our personalized approach ensures your child receives the attention they need to meet their goals.

Raving Reviews

The positive feedback from the families we have worked with built our reputation as the go-to company for an executive functioning coach in Natick. In a 5-star Yelp review, Michael B. describes our approach. “Alexis’s approach is to build strong rapport with each student and create a customized learning program based on his or her needs. This has been a winning formula to get into the best schools.  They can arrange lessons at the student’s home, their office and even online. You can’t miss with this tutoring company!”

Judi M. shares her daughter’s experience in a Google review. “When our 6th grade daughter was struggling with executive function and organizational skills, I turned to Alexis for help. Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy, detailed discussion of my daughter’s strengths and challenges. He reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of our family’s goal. Fast forward to the present: our daughter is a sophomore in high school who manages her homework with complete independence; no intervention from us. She is an honor roll student and has found a passion in mathematics and science.”

Tailored Executive Function Coaching in Natick

Your child is unique. We customize every aspect of our services to sharpen their existing strengths and develop areas that can be improved upon. Selecting the ideal executive functioning coach in Natick for your child is one of the first steps in our process. This decision is based on your child’s specific learning style and personality. From there, we coordinate a program of personalized sessions that supplement the curriculum of your child’s school while introducing effective study habits, time management strategies and other critical skills. We can incorporate help with homework, projects and other assignments as the need arises as well.

At Prepped and Polished, we recognize how hectic the schedules of students and their families can get. We address this logistical hurdle by offering a diverse range of flexible attendance options. You can choose to have your child meet with their executive functioning coach in Natick at one of our local offices or have them travel to you. Our professionals can visit your child in or near Natick to hold sessions in the comfort of your own home. We also offer our services remotely using face-to-face video chat and real time screen sharing software. You can combine and adjust these options as you see fit.


“Thank you very much for the service you provide! It really is greatly appreciated. Our daughter returned from her… session feeling more confident and in control… Every part of this experience has been handled professionally and, in my mind, appropriately! I would not hesitate to use Prepped and Polished again.”
Lorraine H. (Wayland, MA)

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