Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common neurodevelopmental conditions in children. Struggles with concentration, risk taking, time management and other executive functions often keep students with ADHD from performing their best in the classroom. At Prepped and Polished, we help such individuals thrive academically and in other facets of their lives through one-on-one coaching sessions that equip them with a toolbox of proven strategies to overcome the challenges they face. When local families need an executive function coach for students with ADHD in Sudbury or the surrounding area to help their child reach their full potential, they rely on our team of experienced professionals.

Positive feedback from the families and students we work with has helped position our team as the go-to source for an executive function coach for students with ADHD in Sudbury and neighboring communities. In her 5-star Google review, Laura C. comments on the efficiency of our personalized and transparent approach, “Jackie was the best for my son!  She was able to identify strengths and weaknesses along with providing the guidance and support he needed!  The weekly session reports were an excellent resource and my son was able to reach his goal!  Thank you!”

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Michelle P. expands on these sentiments, “What a great experience! Our son’s tutor, Michelle, was excellent. While she covered all the material in depth, the approach was highly customized based on areas that needed extra attention. She was able to take what seemed like mundane tasks and make them manageable and easy to complete, ensuring he was completely prepared. Alexis was super organized and always updated us on progress. He even sent our son cookies on his birthday! Of course, results matter – and Prepped and Polished delivered. I’d recommend them without hesitation.”

At Prepped and Polished, we cater to each student’s neurodiversity. Our personalized approach is designed to sharpen existing strengths and directly address areas that can be improved upon. We begin by pairing your child with an executive function coach for students with ADHD in Sudbury who compliments their personality and learning style. From there, we consult with you and your child to create custom program based on their school’s current curriculum that instills effective test taking strategies, homework routines and other relevant skills that can be applied throughout their academic and professional careers. The content of these sessions can be adjusted as new assignments and other challenges arise.

Don’t let scheduling, transportation or other logistical hurdles stand in the way of your child’s success. At Prepped and Polished, we offer an array of flexible attendance options to meet the diverse lifestyles of local families. You can have your child meet in-office with their executive function coach for students with ADHD in Sudbury, Natick or Wellesley. If you prefer to have sessions in the comfort of your own home, our coaches will travel to you. Your child can even attend sessions remotely using face-to-face video conferencing and live screensharing software. Attendance options can be combined and adjusted at your discretion.

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“Thank you very much for the service you provide! It really is greatly appreciated. Our daughter returned from her… session feeling more confident and in control… Every part of this experience has been handled professionally and, in my mind, appropriately! I would not hesitate to use Prepped and Polished again.”
Lorraine H. (Wayland, MA)
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