Are you nervous about taking the ACT? Well have no fear; on today’s Tutoring Tips show, Terri Karol shows you how to excel on the ACT science test, drawing parallels to New England Patriots Malcolm Butler’s preparation on the football field.

The ACT science test is really an open-book reading test based on science with charts, tables, and graphs. You’ll be better prepared and better served if you take a strategic approach than if you try to study all the science that you’ve learned.

Strategies to excel on ACT science

The most important ACT science strategy is don’t be intimidated. The best way to alleviate that is to know that strategies are the key. Practicing sample ACT science passages ahead of time is the best strategy for doing well on the science test.

The second most important ACT science strategy is to work quickly. You need to read the paragraphs quickly to get an idea of what the experiments generally are about, glance at the graphs, and then go to the question.

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