Struggling to maintain a certain image is exhausting and ultimately unfulfilling. Keith Richards once said, “Image is a ball and chain.” Instead of striving to fit a mold, consider prioritizing being your true self, both in school and in life, to escape the image trap.

Image is a ball and chain. Keith Richards said that. What did he mean? He meant that if you’re trying to fulfill an image, live up to an image, it’s going to drag you down, and it’s true.

I have struggled with this. You’re trying too hard to be cool all the time, you’re trying too hard to be smart, funny, and, at the end of the day, nobody really cares, and they’re not thinking about you. So you’re spending all this wasted time when you could have been focusing on your grades and your goals in school in life. Be yourself.

If you want to chase an image, project yourself as somebody of high moral character, integrity, and honesty, that’s different. All right, not a lot of people do that. That’s cool. All right. So break free of those chains; don’t chase an image; you’ll do better in school and beyond.

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