Today on episode 146, I’m talking with guest DJ Shri host of the popular iTunes Podcast-Mobile DJ Tips, a weekly show that interviews influential DJ’s from around the world to share marketing, music, and business knowledge. Previous guests have included Oprah’s DJ.

DJ Shri graduated from Rutgers University with a double bachelor’s in Economics and Public Health.

On Today’s show DJ Shri shares with us his tips for any teen who wants to pursue an exciting career of music.

DJ Shri on what college taught him: How to live with different types of people.

For any teen who wants to pursue a career in music? Listen to all types of perspectives, and not just listen to the naysayers. Also pursue different majors at college. Last, always be genuine and honest. Don’t be fake bc people your potential employers will sense that.

Did you know? That DJ Shri plays an Indian Drum called a dhol.

DJ Shri’s words of wisdom for teens: Keep your ears open and liten to everybody’s story

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What was your biggest takeaway from this podcast about Advice for the Aspiring Teen Musician? Do you have any questions for DJ Shri and Alexis Avila?

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