Executive Function Coach Meaghan talks about the importance of learning executive function skills and how to build the foundation necessary to support academic success.

Developing executive functioning skills is a crucial and necessary component in setting students up for success, specifically in adolescence. These skills are ones that they’re going to use long after their middle school, their time in middle school, high school, and also college.

In a sense, executive function skills are more important than what they’re going to learn in their core content areas essentially because executive function skills and the strategies that they’ll learn in executive function coaching become a foundation upon which they can build their core content areas.

We don’t expect students to understand concepts or master skills in their core content areas before they’re introduced and before they’re taught. For example, assuming a student knows algebra before they’ve ever stepped foot in an algebra classroom seems like an unfair expectation because it is, and the same goes for executive functioning strategies. Like any other course subject, teaching executive function strategies requires scaffolded instruction and an iterative approach.

What is your biggest takeaway from this vlog about developing executive functioning skills? Do you have any questions for Alexis?

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