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On episode 110, Alexis talks to Nationally known teen and parent coach Deborah Owen.

Deborah C. Owen is a family and life coach, speaker, #1 Amazon best-selling author, creator of the Passionate Performance Blueprint, and National Board Certified Teacher. She helps frustrated and confused parents guide their kids and teens safely through the challenges of growing up, by choosing to connect with calm compassion. She also coaches teens and adults to higher levels of performance in sports and academics. Find her online at

If you’re a parent with a difficult teen at home, there is hope for you! On today’s episode Deborah gives you parents healthy ways to  Reduce your Household Stress!

If you’re a parent and you have a teen at home, you do not want to miss this podcast! On today’s episode Deborah gives parents and teens healthy ways to  Reduce your Household Stress and even paints a vivid picture of what a healthy parent teen relationship looks like.

Debbie’s explains one of the big issues parents and teens face with one another is that while parents constantly fear for their child’s safety, teens want to take risks!

Debbie’s emotional management tip: Take a deep breath, and re-center yourself!

Debbie’s advice for teens: Be patient with yourself, be willing to make mistakes, have a growth mindset, and learn to manage your emotions!

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