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On episode 112, Alexis Avila talks to international speaker, and teen mentor David McQueen. David is the founder of Magnificent Generation, a company delivering speeches and workshops to students and teachers. For over 25 years, David has spoken to teens on five continents. His humor, story telling and ability to connect with audiences across the board have made him the choice speaker for schools, conferences, and corporate events.

On today’s episode David talks about some of the people in his life that motivated him to pursue his passions and teaches us the key ingredients to be more confident and successful in and out of school.

Parent tip

Instill education in the household, and LISTEN to your teen in a NON-JUDGEMENTAL way, and be humorous with your teen! Teens respond well to humor.

David’s key tip for teens

Learn to express yourself in a healthy way by having an adult around you who is willing to listen non judgmentally and gives you the forum to express yourself. If that happens this gives growing confidence and experience that allows you to better communicate with adults later in life.

David’s final KEY tip

Always know who your friends are and don’t worry about people who don’t matter to you. Treat people like you want to be treated, and treat others like they want to be treated. And DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES! Have a blast as a teen, be present, be in the moment, and surround yourself with good friends and family!

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