College Workout Tips

Summer will be here before you know it, and yup, you guessed it – that means shorts and bathing suits, too!

Are you ready? Is your body ready?

If you were one of the many, who shelved your workouts over the winter because it was just too darn cold, or you already fell off the resolution wagon, no more excuses. I’m here to help you move your body and shed the winter body fat just in time to shed the layers.

Tone up those legs, arms, and abs, and get ready to turn some heads on campus! By making a few small adjustments and following these exercise and nutrition tips, you’ll blast the winter weight gain and be cruising the campus feeling awesome and looking great.

College workout survival tips to help inspire you to get up and moving:

  • Get your roommate or a friend to join you. Enlisting the help of others not only makes it more fun but gives you quality catch-up time as well.
  • Schedule your workouts just like you would your classes and stick to them. No blowing it off for another day.
  • Walk or bike to class, take the stairs whenever possible, and visit your friends rather than email. Hint – move, move, move.
  • Keep a workout journal to help chart your progress, understand how you’re feeling, what workouts you like (and don’t), and keep an eye on your weight.
  • Dress for success – If you choose to exercise outside, it’s important to dress for the elements. So, layer with wicking and breathable fabrics. Cotton is not a good choice as it traps sweat and dries slowly, not fun. Think of light layers that can be peeled off as your body temperature rises. And if it’s still chilly, wearing a hat is smart as most of your body heat escapes through the head.
  • Check for leagues or teams on campus that play ultimate frisbee, volleyball, baseball, etc. Getting a workout while having fun and meeting new people is a bonus. If your school doesn’t have one, start your own!
  • Use the stadium bleachers for an awesome cardio workout. Run up and down them for 10 min, working up to 20.
  • Or, find the building on campus with the most floors and run up and down the stairwell. Trust me, that will get your heart pumping! For even more of a challenge, try taking two steps at a time on your way up.
  • When you get bored with your workout, switch up one of the following: Intensity, duration, frequency, or activity.
  • Stock your dorm room and fill your fridge with plenty of healthy snacks so when the urge to order late-night pizza hits, you can fill up on good-for-you foods and have healthy options.
  • Try the new “it” workout: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Alternating short bursts of intense activity with short, slower periods for recovery. A serious calorie burner!
  • Keep a food diary to track your calorie intake. When writing everything down, you’ll certainly think twice about what goes in your mouth.
  • Download some new upbeat, fun music to get your feet jumping and body moving.

Amie Hoff is a certified personal trainer and fitness consultant in NYC, co-founder of FitKitDORM – Total Fitness in a Kit. Enter code DORM at checkout and get a 20% discount!

What was your favorite college workout tip? Do you have any others?

Post your questions/comments below.

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