Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished discusses five things to do on a college visit.

Tip 1. Visit the college either in the Fall or Spring.
Tip 2. Spend the night in a Dormitory.
Tip 3. Eat a meal at the dining facility.
Tip 4. Take a Class in your academic area of interest.
Tip 5. Engage with other college students.

Five things to do on a college visit

College is a very expensive investment. So not only do you want to take that campus tour, you want to wander around the college campus and do these five things while you’re on campus.

1. Visit the College

Try to visit the college in the spring or fall when the college is hustling and bustling with students running around to and from colleges and picture yourself among them.

2. Spend the Night

Spend the night in a dorm room. Hanging out with students overnight will tell you volumes about the day-to-day college scene

3. Eat in a Dining Hall

Eat a meal in a dining hall and rate the food. Was the food good, or did the chicken taste like wood? I think that’s pretty important you spend the next two years eating three meals a day in this dining hall.

4. Attend a Class

Attend a class in your particular academic field of interest and ask yourself several important questions. Was the class interesting? Were the students engaged? Were they falling asleep? Can you picture yourself hanging out and studying with these students?

5. Engage with the students

Engage with the students around campus. Ask them questions like what are your favorite spots and hangouts and then go to them.

See, overall the more time you spend on campus, the better feel you’ll get for that particular college environment.

So I wish you great luck on your college visits, and I’ll talk to you soon

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