Alexis Avila, Founder/President of Prepped & Polished, discusses whether or not you should submit a college application youtube video.

Yes: If you want to fill in a hole or elaborate about something on your application.
Yes: If you want to highlight your personality.
No: If you said everything that needs to be said on your application.
No: If you are a shoe-in for that college.

Tufts University recently started accepting an optional YouTube video as part of the college admission process, and I feel a lot of
colleges around the nation are going to start following their lead.

Should you submit that optional video?

I say both yes and no. Do it if you want to fill in a hole in your application, elaborate on something set on the application, or highlight your personality. For example, if you’re really into technology, take a video around your house and show all your technological gadgets or show how you really have an interest in IMing students all over the world. If you’re an athlete, take your video on the location of one of your practices or games.

Don’t necessarily submit the video if you feel like you said everything already on the application. It would be redundant to submit a video, and colleges don’t have a lot of time to review everything. Also, if you’re a shoe-in for that school, don’t necessarily submit a video. Remember your grades, test scores, and letters of recommendation will be the most important features of your college application.

Overall, if you decide to submit a video, make sure that you are real, say something meaningful about yourself, and don’t necessarily submit a video to stand out for the sake of standing out, which might jeopardize your chances of getting into that college.

Alright, so good luck with your college applications.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Would you submit a college application video? What would you feature in a college application YouTube video?

Post your tips/comments below.

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